Capture 30 Class, Day One! Who Are You??

Well Happy New Year!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling knowing that we get to start a brand new fresh year? I love that feeling! And I'm especially excited today because Heidi Swapp's new class "Capture 30" over at Big Picture Classes starts woot woot! It's going to be fabulous! I am going to try so hard to keep up everyday with the Daily Doses! Today Heidi asked the question, "Who Are You?" Yikes! I guess I don't really think about that too much, but I guess you kinda have to find out who you are if you really want to figure out what you want, right? Makes sense! In the resources section there is a tab called Resources, and in it are some really cute printables! One of them is the January Notes one, it's kind of a ledger pattern with some pretty flowers on the bottom. I printed that out to jot down some ideas on "who I am," but the more private things about me I will conceal in that handy dandy little envelope Heidi designed for us, basically because she's awesome ;) Here's my little page;
I think the secret to keepin up with this class is to keep things simple, yet of course still add a little pizzazz to it!

The glitter buzz words are the perfect thing to add a little sparkle! Another thing I like to keep on hand for my planners are gold paper clips, it's so easy to just clip something on and go!
I cannot wait to fill up my planner with all of my precious everyday moments! Remember, every day is a gift, there is no such thing as an "ordinary day!" Savor each moment!
I hope you have a blessed new year!!
xoxo Rah 


Color Shine Candy Canes

Well helllerrrr!!! So glad to see you today! Are you ready to make something festive?!
Okay sooo necessity is what caused this little project to come about, I wanted to alter a notebook so I can jot down all of my favorite Christmas Recipes in one place, just in case... I might also have a few other peeps write down their favorites in there too because that would just be a cool thing to have I think! Like a circle journal but just writing down a recipe or 2?
The aqua/minty & red combo is one of my faves ever, but I wanted to use those colors this time because I want to have this notebook on display in my kitchen in a little stand, and my Christmas décor in my kitchen is all sweets and pretty ribbon candies and things like that! So it'll be perfect!
So here's what we're making;
What I did was cover a cheapy notebook with paper from the Pink Paislee Merry & Bright Collection, then layered on top of that. The red & white scalloped piece is a Spellbinder's Die and I just sanded the edges to give it a worn look ;) The minty polka dot piece is from the Heidi Swapp Color Magic Value Kit from Project Life! I first sprayed it with the Mint Green Color Shine, then repeatedly sprayed that with the White Color Shine until it was the right shade I wanted!  Like how  I placed the word Christmas in the R? I can be so sneaky sometimes... 
Now here's the fun part... the Candy Canes woohoo!! In the Heidi Swapp Color Magic Value Kit, there's a 4x6 striped card which happens to be my favorite ;) Before I sprayed the card, I drew a couple sad lookin candy canes on the back with pencil. I hope you can handle my mad drawing skills... 
Then flip that baby over and give it a good spray down with the Cherry Color Shine! You will definitely need to touch up with some glass cleaner, that red is potent! But I wouldn't have it any other way, I love it! So vibrant!

After you let it dry, go ahead and cut out your canes. Slather on a coat of the Heidi Swapp Clear Magic Medium, then a dusting of the Tim Holtz Rock Candy Glitter! You can use any glitter though really, it'll be gawjus!
Doesn't it look sugar coated?! I love it!! Yummo!!

Then add your layers to your notebook! I added a doily (of course), some snow flake die cuts, red & white Doodlebug bakers twine, seam binding, a jingle bell, and some Pink Paislee Merry & Bright Ephemera and silver stickers! Add whatever pretty things your heart desires, there are no rules here, dudes. Don't forget your Heidi Swapp wooden veneer word... I used favorite because it's going to be my favorite sweets ;)

Seriously looking at this thing makes me happy! I might leave it out year round who cares? I think you should surround yourself with things you love and things that make your heart happy, whether they match your décor or not what the hay? Life is too short to be nit-picky. Live it up paper peeps!
( **On a side note; my plan was to cover this thing with that pretty iridescent snow stuff but I didn't want to do that  yet until I showed you the deets on the candy canes, but now that I showed you I am going to rock on with my snow. I'll update with a pic once it dries. Carry on.)
Can't wait to see what you make!! Don't forget to tag me up on Insty!! We'll call this one hmmm.... #sugarcoated @sarahbargo
xoxo Rah


Pink Paislee Countdown to Christmas~ Day Two!!

Well hello there! Welcome to Day 2 of the Pink Paislee Countdown to Christmas partayyy woohooooo!!! It's my turn today and can I just say how thankful I am that I got to be a contributor to this?! How amazing! Whooda thunk it?! So hopefully yesterday you tuned in and played along with the "deck the halls season opener" as I like to call it heh heh, well today we're going to start our "Naughty & Nice" lists! I kinda giggled while pondering who would go onto my Naughty list, but instead of doing a list, there was only one little elf that I could think of that would make it onto it without question...

Yep that's the guy. Chocolate chippy is his name, hustlin for cookies is his game... Look at him there... lickin his chops...don't let his cuteness fool you... he's pure. evil. Rotten to the core....

On that happy note, here's the full 2 page spread!

I wanted to create interactive pages because mini albums are so much fun to look at when there's doors n pockets n tags n boxes and bags! (ok Grinch) On the left, we have the "Nice." I didn't make a list, I journaled a love note to the boys about one of my favorite Christmas memories I have of them. The mug is just a bonus ;) thank you Target!! Seriously those little bows? The cuteness.

Christmas always brings about so many emotions for me, and this year I've been thinking a lot about how fast these kids are growing. I miss the days of "haulin~a" like a mad woman thru "Toys-uh-mus" (as the boys used to call it) and just piling carts with toys and treasures! Now, the gifts seem to be smaller and more expensive and not fun. For me anyways ;)  I'm going to try to slow down this December and cherish every second I can with these boys, and try not to get all caught up in the huh bub of the season!
To create a fun and easy interactive piece, just make a card out of cardstock and cover it with pretty papers!

Works perfecto! Then you can add extra pics and journaling and whatnot!

And here we have, the dark side...
It's kind of hard to read his sign but it says "I ate 3 dozen cookies." He snuck into the kitchen and ate 3 dozen fresh ginger snaps. I almost cried. Like a baby. I got the cute little chalkboard at Hobby Lobby, I wanted to find something to match the chalkboard paper (ohmygosh I love it)?! Sooooo awesomely done!!! I just pulled some red & white striped ribbon through the holes and voila. The perfect-shame-your -bratty-dog sign.

These letters are not part of Merry & Bright but they are Pink Paislee and honestly, I am hoarding them. I love them. A lot.

This guy opens up as well;
I used an actual picture for a pocket! Just punch a half circle out of the top and adhere the left, bottom, and right side of the picture. Then slide the tag in!

Little bratski! And no, Chippy's not evil. He's actually pretty darn cute. Now anyways... ;)
Thank you so much for hangin out today! Don't forget your free printable over at the Pink Paislee blog and I really hope you will play along this month! Just think, at the end you'll have a whole month of wonderful holiday memories to cherish! So awesome.
Just remember to slow down and enjoy the season, and enjoy each other. Talk a walk somewhere and gaze at twinkle lights. Turn the tv off and read a story out loud to your family by the glow of your tree. Bake something so that when your kiddies and hunny bunny get home they walk into a warm & cozy home filled with a sweetly spicy aroma... You can do all of these little wonderful things without having a lot of money. Don't use money as an excuse to not make memories with your loved ones. Cuz you know what? It's those precious little moments you spent with them, your time, that's what they will remember, not the gifts. Not the gifts.
Love, Rah xoxo




Hello loves! Just poppin in today to remind you that the new Jot Magazine 8 came out today yeah baby!! There's so much inspiration in there so grab a fresh cuppa somethin or other and enjoy ;) Oh yeah! You might see this little layout o mine in the gold gallery... I used the amazing new collection by Maggie Holmes, Open Book. Seriously, the colors in this collection are so rich I just love them.

Maggie Massey captured this photo of me at the end of one crazy. Magical. Day. We hosted our first ever Daydream the Event this year and it was totally awesome. To say the least. I was exhausted but floating on a cloud at the end of the day and then the girls started chanting "scrub the floors Cinderelly" and then started laughing at me then whipped tomatoes and cats and empty beer bottles at me nahhh I'm just kiddin hahahaa ;)  were you like whaaatt????

Anyhoo have an amazing day and get scrappin woodja?!
xoxo Rah


Keeper Of The Wish Lists

Hello paper peeps! Hope you had an amazing weekend! I have a fun little project for you today! I wanted to make a fancy little Christmas shopping booklet to carry around with me to fill with all of my lists and to-dos and ingreds etc etc, and I came up with the easiest funnest thing!
OK, did you get your hands on the little 4x6 Project Life Notebooks by Heidi Swapp? That's what I used to make this little project, and it worked so perfectly! I was actually saving it for something special, and this was it!
This is the before;
(I used the kraft and gold foiled one in the back of the pkg.)

This is the after! Kindof a bad pic, I was in a race against the sun disappearing ugh I cannot get used to this daylight savings stuff!

I also used;

Pink Paislee Merry & Bright Ephemera & Paper
Tim Holtz Tattered Pinecone Die
Glassine Bags
Snowflake Embossing Folder
Twine, String, etc.
Whatevs makes you happy ;)

Here's a look at the pages! I put a little envelope I made on the inside cover for receipts, tickets, etc. Just disassemble an envelope you have on hand, then trace it onto the red & white striped Pink Paislee Merry & Bright Paper! Score and fold! Super easy and cute! Somebody better surprise me with a gift card in this baby... 

Then really all I did was layer a doily and some ephemera through the whole thing, just kept it super simple! It's more about the journaling and wish list keeping..

Seriously, these little banners? Ugh. So cute.

I love these fonts?!

I absolutely love the silver foil stickers in the collection...

I think I found this snowflake embossing folder at Hobby Lobby? One of the Paper Studio ones?

Isn't that the perfect little notebook to carry around at Christmas time?! Can't wait to have the boys write their wish lists in there! EEK! Is it really Christmas time?!

Can't wait to see yours!! If you put it on Insty lets give this a hashtag... hmmm... let's do #merrywishlists   How does that sound?! Yay! Tag me up scotty! @sarahbargo

Ok have a beautiful Sunday loves, thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Rah



Beautiful Memory

Well hello there! Just poppin in today to share a little layout I did, and yes, more stripes. I am OBSESSED!!!! Everything in my head right now that I think of making  has stripes on it?! So bear with me lol! ;)
This is me on the left, Heidi Swapp in the middle, and Maggie Massey on the right ;) We were partyin it up at Scrapfest 2013 woohoo! So love these memories! I think I may have scrapped this picture before, but ah well who cares. I think if there is a memory or photo that you cherish and it makes you smile? Definitely scrap it however many times you'd like!
Ok so it's kind of a mix up of some pretty things from Heidi's collections, so I'll give you the rundown;
B&W Stripes~ Favorite Things
Light Pink Paper~ Hello Today
Dark Pink Polkies Paper, B&W Polkies Paper, and Floral Paper~ September Skies
(actually I think the big polkies paper is navy blue but they're dark enough to where they look black when they are right next to the black stripes ok? moving on)
B&W Banner, Ephemera~ September Skies
Gold Glitter Stickers~ Heidi's new Stickers at Hobby Lobby

I betcha can't tell I love clusters of cuteness...

So love my girls!

This layout was so fun! I seriously can't get enough of these big fussy cut flowers from September Skies... they are killing me.
So go find a picture you've been meaning to re-scrap! I promise you won't get arrested by the Memory Militia lol!
Have a beautiful day! Get scrappin!
xoxo Rah


Create Your Own Happiness

Hey my darlings! This week over on the Heidi Swapp Blog we teamed up with Epiphany Crafts for a little blog hop, and today I'm up with a bright and cheerful layout! It's hard not to be happy while working with Heidi's new September Skies Collection, the colors are so gorgeous and vibrant!
 And pair that up with the Epiphany Crafts butterfly punch and epoxies? Fantastico!
I hope you go take a peek!
xoxo Rah