Heidi Swapp September Skies & Scrapbook Generations Magazine!

Hey hi paper peeps! Some exciting things going on today! Scrapbook Generations and Heidi Swapp have teamed up for some really awesome inspiration! Heidi has just released her newest collection, September Skies, and Scrapbook Generations Magazine e*book has asked Heidi and the media team to contribute our renditions of the free (and awesome!) sketches they have in the magazine every issue! How cool is that?! Here's the cover!

This is a fabulous magazine and it's packed with tips & tricks, articles, and honestly just a bunch of awesome papercrafting!
Here is the card I contributed!
This collection is so beautiful! 
It has so many amazing colors and patterns, I am in love with it! Lots of flowers to fussy cut, and stripes ;) which means I'm in heaven.
Here is my layout, it's of my Taloula the Catahoula puppy. She has the most beautiful blue eye! lol Yes, I said eye. Her other eye is gray... very common in Catahoula's to have one "glass eye," so neat!
I didn't follow the sketch design persayyy, but I did pull elements out of it! Which is ok!

**NERD ALERT**- I just had to make a paw out of the wood veneer pieces, I'm sorry.

Now why on earth would someone get the chance to have their work published in a magazine, and scrap their dog?! Because of this little guy right here;

He's in the ephemera pack. And he's just so cute I couldn't leave him hangin. Woof.
Wait til you see what the other media team girls did! Wowza they really brought it! Go check it out, and make sure you get your hands on some September Skies when you see it, it's gonna go fast!
xoxo Rah


Make Something Beautiful

Hello lovelies! So happy to have you here today! Recently I was thrust into the world of Project Life, and I'm not really that good at it yet, but I am having so much fun playing! I am definitely going to mix some PL page protectors in with my 12x12 layouts, I think that will look awesome and make my albums more interesting to look through!
Recently, Shimelle came out with her new adorable scrapbook line through American Crafts! There is also a Project Life Mini Kit that goes along with the collection, and it is just as gorgeous! The colors are so fun, with lots of gold foil which I may or may not be currently obsessed with ;)
NERD ALERT: I love opening a fresh new PL pack of cards! I love to look through them one at a time, it's like a surprise every time you flip a card lol! I'm such a dork.
As I was looking through Shimelle's mini kit, I was just like wow this is so pretty! Sooo all I wanted to do was create a totally simple spread with the cards, just to have something pretty to enjoy! Pure eye candy.
Here's what I came up with!
I added lots of Crate Paper embellishments and the beautiful Heidi Swapp Gold Foil Page Protectors, and ummm ok. Only 3 pictures. Sorry. I suppose the theme of this layout is how I love making beautiful crafty things, and having a hobby or two completely devoted to playing with pretty paper and sparkly goodness! I just wanted something girly and pinky to look at!
Here's some close ups!;
Picture of me at Scrapfest 2013, so sad that there isn't one this year! But so happy to be starting my own scrappy adventure with Maggie Massey on September 27th woot woot! Check out the deets here eek!

Another hobby of mine is to create a bunch of sparkly jewelry with bits & baubles and all sorts of blingy things! Especially if I am going somewhere artsy fartsy! So of course I had to include that in my crafty "Make Something Beautiful" layout ;)

I learned that I need to practice photographing gold foil objects... a lot....

Some other items I love that aren't necessarily crafty persayyyy but they make me unbelievably happy! Cupcakes, & strawberries. And gold ornate frames... and hearts... and frosting...

Isn't this card so pretty? Don't even have to do anything with it?!

Sometimes PL cards only need a tiny little sprinkle in the middle, and that's it!

I literally found these top 2 snippets in a little pile of miscellany items on a little plate I have in my studio, sooo I stuckem on there. Why not?

Story. Of. My. Life.

I had so much fun looking through my stash of girly stuff to find little pretty things to include on this spread! You don't always have to be documenting, sometimes your creative brain just needs to make something. Anything. Pink & gold deliciousness ;)

Thanks for stoppin by today, if you have any tips on photographing PL layouts and gold foil I would so love to hear them! Ciao!

xoxo Rah



life is great!

Well hello there paper peeps! Happy happy Saturday woot woot! Are you going to make some pretty stuff this weekend?! I actually got to create a layout with the new Heidi Swapp Project Life Color Magic Value Kit, and let me tell you, it is awesome sauce!! You can totally customize your cards to the pictures you are using, which makes the possibilities endless!! Here I'll show you what I'm talking about ;)
First, here's my layout!

I really wanted to pull the colors out of our flip flops, and Color Shine really helped me do that!
This is what you'll need for this color combo;
Pink, Coral, Blush, and Gold Color Shine, and a Color Magic PL card.
Then, just spray the card in 3 sections, pink on bottom, coral in the middle, and pink on the top. Then I just do a quick little spray of gold over the whole thing to add some gold shine ;)

Let it soak in good;

This is what you'll end up with! So easy and cute!

Then just add your cards to your layout, I used the "life is great" one as my title and layered the striped card underneath my picture! Also, if you see on the right is a layered pink & white journaling piece underneath all the pretty stuff, that was fussy cut from a Dreamy Project Life Card ;)
For an easy embellishment, add a Dreamy bow to the top of a paper clip with a glue dot!

When I went to visit my niece, we went shopping and got some snazzy new flip flops! I absolutely love simple little pleasures like this! Makes me so happy ;) So do these Color Theory Sequins by Studio Calico! they are so pretty!
Some lovely layers, the pretty paper with the words on it is one of my favorite Pink Paislee papers ever, I just love it!

It's amazing how just a few droplets of Color Shine on your background can add so much detail to your page! Love doing that!

I hope you got your hands on some of the beautiful new Heidi Swapp Project Life products, they are so much fun! Have a wonderful creative day!!
P.S. sorry you had to look at my ugly feet lol!
xoxo Rah

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Merci Project Life Card

Well hello there paper peeps! What a beautiful Sunday! Phew is it a little toasty here today wowza! Summer is definitely hangin on for dear life ;) which is good cuz I'm not ready to let it go!
Today I have a fun little card for you! If you have gotten your hands on one of those stunningly beautiful Heidi Swapp Project Life Gold Foil Value Kits, you have seen the gorgeous 4x6 "merci" card in there right?!  Oh my gosh I just love that card! How perfect for a thank you card! Just so happens that I needed a thank you in a flash and here's what I came up with!
It is elegant and pretty yet so simple! Here is what you need!
-Cardstock (your choice of color) for card base
-Merci gold foil card
-white seam binding
-white butterfly from the Color Magic Paper Goods
-piece of gold foil
This is all you do, so simple!
1. Create a card base, I made mine to only peek out a little on the edges of the PL card, but you can leave more peekage if you'd like ;)
2. Adhere PL card down onto card base
3. Die cut the Clustered Leaves out of gold foil paper and place across card, I just glued a little in the middle.
4. Place the white butterfly in the center of card, kinda crooked, I didn't add Color Shine but you totally can if you want to! I just wanted to keep kinda the white dreamy look to the card.
5. Tie a bow out of white seam binding, I stapled mine onto the butterfly before I adhered the butterfly down or you can just glue it down to the center of butterfly.
6. Place a cute cabochon in center of bow, glue down so it doesn't fall off.

**Tip** If you are going to stamp or journal inside of the card, I would recommend you doing that first before adding the pretties to the front of the card, just in case you mess up!
And that's it! See easy peasy! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Have a glorious day!
Rah xoxo


My True 2- Mixed Media Album

Well hello there! Today over at the Heidi Swapp blog I am sharing a very special mini album that I created using the Mixed Media Scrapbook Kit! This kit is loaded with really fun different pieces, like canvas, chipboard, and my favorite out of the kit, printed transparencies! So cute! The possibilities with this kit are endless!
Recently someone in my family had a very scary health issue, like a really really close call.. It was super scary to say the least, but everything's ok now thank the Lord ;) but it was a fast reminder about how precious life really is. It only takes a second for things to be turned upside down, which is why it is so important to document and write things down! This was what inspired my project.
Occasionally I will write a letter to the boys or do a page or something, but I never really made a whole album devoted to just us 3, so that was my main goal. It isn't finished of course, it will be an ongoing journal type of album with lots of little notes, pictures, pockets with ephemera we collect along the way, our favorite Bible verses, maybe some little bits & pieces of advice for their journey. We've had a rough road at some points, which has brought us super close and I don't want to leave anything unsaid. And I can't tell you how many times I got so choked up while writing letters to them! If you haven't written a special letter to a loved one, you should!  It really makes you dig deep. Not only is it awesome to give something that was hand written for the obvious reasons, but when you're in the process of writing it can really reveal a lot about your relationship with that person, can reveal so many emotions and memories that you have forgotten or just maybe lost along the way!
So here is my book. The kit comes with 2 honkin pieces of chipboard for covers, they are in the cutest shape of a Memory File! I love them! I wanted the tab to stay at the top, so I sliced the front cover down the middle and created a gate fold album.

My True 2- Mixed Media Kit Album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Here's some details on the front cover, just mixed a bunch of pretty things I have in my Heidi Swapp stash ;)  The "true" heart is from the Make Pretty Stuff die cut tags pack at JoAnn's! If you have this heart and would like to do the same thing-
1. Lay down strips of washi tape on the white stripes to mask them off.
2. Apply a generous layer of Magic Medium to the purple stripes, pouncing down on top of the tape edges so the glue doesn't sneak underneath the tape.  Coat the Magic Medium with gold glitter.
3. Let this set for a few minutes, then peel off tape.
4. Voila! Turns out super sparkly and cute!

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

I used a mixture of so many different products lol! I pulled from the Dreamy Collection, Mixed Company, Vintage Chic, Hello Today, and Color Magic woohoo! I'm a mixer what can I say.

Ok so here's how to muck up your cover and add some awesome texture! This might look tricky, but it's actually super easy and of course it's so much fun because you're making a mess ;) Now I am hooked and will be making textured albums in every color....

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

K so here's the dealio;

1. Create a mixture of Opaque Magic Medium and the Color Shine of your choice, and using a sponge applicator smear it all over the plain chipboard cover. Let dry.
2. Lay a Heidi Swapp stencil over the top of the cover, and scrape modeling paste over the stencil wherever you want your design to be, & let that totally dry. (scrape off excess and put it back in it's container) I totally covered my cover with the pattern, but you don't have to! Sporadic stenciling looks awesome too!
3. Create another mixture of Magic Medium and the same Color Shine you used before, and lightly go over the raised paste stencil pattern. I think I did mine a little lighter than the first time...
4. When that was dry, I sprayed some of the Gold Color Shine in a few spots and then wiped it off. It looks really pretty in the sunlight because it really shines in the cracks, it's neat!
5. It was still a little too dark for me, so I lightly brushed some gesso over some of the cover and it gave it this really fab shabby chic look, which I love! Really brightened it up!

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Here's a look at the inside!
This is what you see when you "open up the doors.."

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

I trimmed the edges of the Dreamy Photo Stack so it would fit on the right door, then put some pictures of the boys and I on our adventures.

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

I have what they call an "offroad family" and we have been going to the dunes to ride ATV's forever and we just have a really great time, it's beautiful up there!

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Honestly I don't know where he gets it...

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Ok. Maybe many of you have seen this picture on my Instagram, well the boys ran into the drug store to get something and came back with SILLY STRING AND ATTACKED ME AS SOON AS THEY GOT IN THE CAR!!!! I absolutely had to make this the first picture that you see when you open this book because I have never seen them laugh as hard as they did at that moment! It was just the funniest thing. Never a dull moment ;) And yes there is still some in my hair.

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Some lovely layers, which made the gate fold album awesome because if you alternate sides with your pages, then you just keep peeling them back one by one! It makes it a little more interactive and fun for people to look through it!

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

The kit has some smaller white die cut tags that are adorable! I covered the front of mine with paper and left the back white so I can journal on it. I haven't decided what to put in that little window yet...

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Here's one of the transparency pages in the kit, I love it! The glitter words look awesome on them! Just adds another interesting page to peel back ;)

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

I took a piece of patterned paper from Hello Today, trimmed it to the height I wanted it, then folded it in half. If you adhere the left, bottom, and right side of it, you just made yourself a pocket! Use a large circle punch and punch it halfway into the top to create the little dip in the top!
Ok don't make fun of my preggo picture. I was 7 months here, but by the time I hit 8 people were telling me I looked like an eclipse. I was like yeah? That's awesome.

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Another way I love to hide journaling is by mounting a picture to the front of a plain white card, then you just have a nice little spot to write a whole bunch of sweetness!

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

Here I created a page by using one of the Color Magic banners! I sprayed one side with Coral Color Shine and covered the other side with patterned paper from Mixed Company. Just a fun little shaped page to add rather than a square ;)

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

And finally the back cover, just made a little page on it. I can't wait to add more pages to this album! I felt like I could've put 20 more in while I was making this! It's going to be one chunky monkey!

My True 2- mixed media album by Sarah Bargo @sarahbargo @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #mixedmedia #minialbum

So that's my mixed media journal, I hope you are inspired to grab your amazing Mixed Media Scrapbook Kits and document something special! The possibilities are endless!

SUPPLIES; Opaque Magic Medium, Die Cut Tags,  Scrapbook Kit, Watercolor Tags, Color Magic Striped Alpha, Glitter Stickers Gold,    Hello Today 12x12 Paper Pad, Mixed Company 12x12 Paper Pad, Coral Color Shine, Georgia Peach Color Shine, Embossed Jumbo NumbersJumbo Pennants, Dreamy Ticket To Ride, Dreamy Clear Words, Dreamy Jumble Word Stickers, Mixed Company Ephemera